Getting Started

What do I need to trade on Flash.Trade?

  1. Solana Wallet

    • If you have never used Solana before you will need a wallet like Phantom, Backpack, or Solflare.

    • Your wallet has a secret recovery phrase. Do not share it with anyone. Additionally, do not share your private key with anyone. Anyone who has access to your private keys or seed phrase can control your funds. Best practice is to record your seed phrase and store it in a safe physical location.

  2. Assets

    • Currently, Flash.Trade supports the following assets found on Solana: wBTC, Ether, Sol, and USDC. All of these assets can be used to provide liquidity or trade.

    • A very small amount of Sol will be required for every transaction on Flash.Trade as it is an on-chain DEX.

  3. The only User Interface will be found at Do not attempt to access our UI from any other link as it could be a phishing attempt and drain your assets.

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