Stop Loss/Take Profit Orders

You can set SL/TP (stop-loss/take-profit) orders by clicking on the "Manage" button on any position that is open.

  • A Stop-Loss order will attempt to cap your losses by executing a closing of your position at the designated price.

  • A Take-Profit order will attempt to secure your profits on a trade by executing a closing of your position at the designated price.

After creating a SL/TP order, it will appear under the "Orders" tab. From here, you can edit the order and change the desired price the order will trigger at if needed. SL/TP orders will execute and return the native backing asset for your position e.g BTC for BTC longs or USDC for an ETH short. At this time, only full closing of positions is supported.

Once a position is closed either by the user or a TP/SL order, all TP/SL orders associated with that position will be cancelled.


  • Orders are not guaranteed to execute at the exact price designated. In times of great volatility liquidations will be processed first and therefore SL/TP orders may take additional time to execute.

  • In the case of trading Solana Perpetuals on Flash, when an SL/TP order is executed the user will receive Wrapped Sol in their wallets instead of normal Sol. This is for optimization purposes and Wrapped Sol can be unwrapped within the user interface of many wallets.

  • In the case of markets with maximum PnL payoffs (e.g EUR, GBP, XAG), take profit orders cannot be placed past the price where maximum PnL will occur.

  • No VP will be awarded for trade volume that uses SL/TP to exit.

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