What is Flash.Trade?

Flash is a decentralised spot and perpetuals exchange on Solana that lets you trade on up to 100x leverage, with low fees and minimal price impact. The trading engine of Flash is powered by a unique multi-asset pool-to-peer oracle-based program, the first of its kind on Solana. Additionally, it uses an evolutionary NFT architecture to abstract accounts, unlocking a new level of gamification to incentivize high-volume trading on the protocol.

How does Flash.Trade offer minimal price impact trades?

Flash Trade relies on dynamic pricing via Pyth oracles, aggregating prices from 20+ volume exchanges. By leveraging oracles, we adjust fees dynamically to always fill orders with the most optimal quote. The core pool-to-peer engine guarantees adequate margins and risk

Why should I provide liquidity on Flash.Trade?

Providing liquidity on Flash.Trade qualifies you to earn protocol fees generated by traders. Fees collected by Flash.Trade goes back to the LPs (liquidity providers).

Where does my yield come from?

As a liquidity provider, your yield comes from:

  • Fees generated by Traders via swaps, margining, and opening/closing positions

  • Liquidations

What are Flash Beasts?

Flash Beast is an NFT collection of 5,555 Bulls and Bears that will be at the heart of Flash Trade. All mint funds will be used to fund the POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) and holders of NFTs shall receive 100% of the fee share generated through the POL. Holders of NFTs will be the only ones who can trade on Flash Trade initially and create ref-links to invite others to trade. They will also earn extra revenue through referral rebates. 
As the NFTs evolve and tier up they unlock higher trading-fee discounts and rebates inherently making them more valuable.

Do I earn 100% fee share by just holding Flash Beast?

Yes. All holders receive 100% fee share on their portion of the POL irrespective of what stage the Beast is at.

How to earn Voltage Points?

There are 3 ways to earn Voltage Points - Trading | LP'ing | Referring. \

  • 10$ of Cumulative trading -- 1 Voltage Point

  • 1$ in earned fees as LP -- 50 VP

  • 1$ in earned rebates from your referral link -- 250 VP

How do I level up my Flash Beast, What are the pros of Levelling up?

You can level up your Beasts by earning Voltage Points. Levelling up gives you more fee discount, starting from 10% all the way up to 35%. And fee rebates from 5% - 35%.

Are the protocol contracts open-source?

Yes! You can view them here - https://github.com/flash-trade

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