Synthetic (Pool 2)


Tradable assets: EUR, GBP, AUD, Gold, and Silver Synthetic Pool is the pool which forms the underlying liquidity pool for all perpetual contracts that are asset backed by collateral. This pool contains only stable coins in it which forms the underlying collateral backing for the synthetic perpetual contracts that are traded based on the synthetic pool. All assets will trade vs their USD pair. Here any synthetic perpetual contract can be initiated irrespective of the asset in the pool.

Due to the theoretical upside of long positions and the stable value of the stable coins in the pool, there is a PnL Max Payoff limit of 1x the initial collateral on the assets in this pool (currently commodities and metals) This will likely be raised as we have more real time trading data. Example: If a trader uses $100 of USDC of collateral to 10x long an equity that is backed by the synthetic pool, their max positive PnL will be +$100 at which point their position is automatically closed and PnL paid out.

Trading and Liquidity Providing of the Assets in Pool 2 will be limited to the hours that those markets are open. Trading times for these assets will be in accordance to CME operational hours and holidays more info here When the markets are closed for any of the assets in Pool 2 it will not be possible to open or close positions and mint or burn FLP.2.

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