Staking/Unstaking FLP

Only Staked FLP will accrue fees.

There are 3 states for FLP: Unstaked FLP, Pending Stake FLP, and Staked FLP.

  • Unstaked FLP: This is the FLP token a user receives upon minting or purchasing FLP tokens. It does not earn fees and must be staked to earn fees generated from trading activities on Flash. This token is tradable just like any other SPL token on Solana

  • Pending Stake FLP: This is the FLP token that is waiting to be staked and begin earning fees. This process is initiated from the moment a user approves the "Stake" transaction on their wallet involving the FLP they currently hold. This will lock the FLP tokens into the exchange until the user unstakes from the exchange. Every 24 hours the protocol will take all Pending Stake FLP and turn it into Staked FLP automatically (the frequency will be increased in a gradual a manner)

  • Staked FLP: This will be denoted as "Active Staked" on the UI. Staked FLP will accrue fees from trading activities on Flash. The fee accrued will be claimable every 24 hours.

Unstaking FLP

When unstaking FLP tokens all USDC fees will be claimed and unstaked FLP will be sent to your wallet.

Flash as a protocol collects fees in the underlying collateral for Long trades taken on the platform. Therefore, in between accrual periods fees are held in non-USDC assets and then swapped to USDC daily to be made claimable by LPs. Any non-USDC fees generated from the last time the fees were made claimable (every 24 hours) will be forfeited when unstaking.

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